All Loungefly licenses

Find all the Loungefly licenses: from Marvel or DC superheroes to Disney's iconic characters, from popular TV shows to the universes of the greatest movie sagas like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Jurassic Park. To date, we reference a total of 178 licenses on Loungefly Universe.

Loungefly licenses are the hallmark of Loungefly accessories: collaboration with many of the most popular franchises to create bags, wallets and many other accessories featuring everything from animation and POP culture to movies and video games!

Loungefly started collaborating with licenses in 2007, with a collection based on the Disney franchise. Since then, hundreds of franchises have been tapped by the brand with popular licenses such as Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, DC Comics and Pokémon, to name a few.

Each collection is carefully crafted to include key elements of the franchise in question, and it's this attention to detail that appeals so much to fans. Star Wars backpacks, for example, will include elements such as lightsabers or designs inspired by characters in the franchise, while Harry Potter handbags or clutches may include details such as the lightning bolt scar or symbols reminiscent of the different houses at Hogwarts.

Highly sought after by collectors, all Loungefly licenses are available as limited collections. The quality and rarity of the products make them both everyday objects and collectors' items. For collectors, the hardest thing is to get all the accessories of their favorite licenses!